Outbreak Journal, March 14th

Curiously, the number one complication in my life, during self-isolation, is neither food nor toilet paper, it’s still other people – both inside the house and out. People I can yell at if necessary, like the squirrelly children who want to shove their hand in a steaming quiche; and people I can’t, people I love who put themselves at serious and unnecessary risk.

It’s Saturday, the kids know how to do Saturday whether they’re stuck at home or not, so we mostly left them to it after lunch and decided to work out our anxieties by cleaning the basement out. It was a disaster that resulted in tearing down a ceiling and some walls looking for the source of a burning smell (apparently one cloth wrapped wire was left behind and live by the last owner’s handyman, and we managed to turn it on), but we were successfully distracted. I imagine there are lots of households who are making use of their time the same way.

E. tried her hand at making a quiche from scratch so we’re not missing takeout at all.

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