Outbreak Journal, March 15th

Broke my Facebook break to join in on the church’s Morning Prayer livestream. I miss the music, the Eucharist, and the coffee hour mingling afterward. Actually, and this is shocking to me, I miss casual handshakes and hugs. Me. With the startle reflex that once led me to duck under my own husband’s arms when I wasn’t expecting a hug.

I found a cabinet in the basement while I was demolishing moldy old drywall with Steve yesterday, it’s in pretty good shape and I have this bottle of stout I promised to set aside to share with friends when this is all over. I think I’ll spend this afternoon cleaning up the cabinet and putting it somewhere prominent to hold the stout, some champagne, and anything else I want to reserve for the celebration when this is over. Anything can be borne with something to look forward to.

In my brief visit to Facebook trying to find the link for the service, I spotted a tip I plan to put into practice: if you want to support your favorite businesses through this without running out and exposing yourself to the plague, buy gift certificates now. I have a few places in mind to support like Yestercades and Alfonso’s in Somerville.

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