Outbreak Journal, March 17th

I never thought I’d be using this little blog Steve threw together for me so much.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I made Grandmom’s Oat Scones for breakfast, Irish soda bread, a chocolate stout “Quarantine Cake” (aka a Crazy cake), corned beef and cabbage… and my last potatoes. I squelched the habit of immediately trying to get fresh potatoes. I have potatoes in other formats and I have starches to spare. Everyone is healthy and well, I gave the kids a reprieve from schoolwork for the holiday, but they’ve given me cause to regret it.

Last night I realized I couldn’t hear any cars on Rt. 18 or on Raritan Ave. No planes or helicopters either. We live in interesting times.

Today I returned to social media because there’s no IRL socializing at the moment, it’s less rewarding than the split second, at a distance interaction I had with a neighbor walking down the street early this morning, or the guy who came and operated the robotic crane to pick up our bag dumpster (still working on the basement), but it is good to glimpse others going about their daily business.

I’m struck that this lockdown is essentially a society wide act of altruism. Many, if not most, of the people who would be killed if this blew up are people who are unlikely to contribute more than they take from society, economically, for the rest of their lives, they are retired or on disability, but we have collectively decided we are all in this together anyway, and we are carrying on with a minimum of whining. It’s messy and raw, but I’m proud of us for stepping up after our initial fuck ups with this disease. I truly hope this wakes people up on the value of investing in our healthcare infrastructure and vaccine research (and actually TAKING the vaccines) from here on out.